Markttag 2019 Ischgl


All about the 11th Paznaun Market Day
  •  When: August 31, 2019
  •  Time: 10:30 am
  •  Where: Florianparkplatz in Ischgl
  •  What: culinary treats in combination with relaxed sounds
The program
  • 10:30 am: Moving in with the Musikkapelle Mieming and the “Bürgermusik Zell am See” to the Florianparkplatz
  • 11:00 am: Opening of the market day and the Oktoberfest by the guests of honor with cheese and beer tapping
  • Followed by: appointment of the guests of honor, of the election cheese queen 2019
  • 11:30 am: Morning concert with the music chapel Mieming
  • 01:30 pm: Concert of the civic music Zell am See
  • 03:00 pm: Show cooking with award-winning chef Martin Sieberer
  • 03:30 pm: The “Burgschröfler” play on
  • 08:30 pm: The highlight of the evening: the “INNSBRUCKER BÖHMISCHE” and Oktoberfest at the Nevada Alm